How Uyai Effiong is Helping Merchants to Grow their Businesses as a Merchant Success Manager at Shopify

Today at the Sisters in Tech table, we welcome Uyai Effiong, a Merchant Success Manager at Shopify.

Uyai’s journey into tech began when she started studying for a degree in Computer Science at the University of Texas, Austin. After two semesters, Uyai realised that Computer Science was not for her. Going from the frying pan into the fire, Uyai switched to Chemical Engineering, and as a practical, hands-on person, she found it to be a much better fit for her. Following her degree, Uyai held numerous roles, and a core theme running through her career has been her enjoyment of working with businesses of different sizes. 

Uyai now works as a Merchant Success Manager at Shopify. She helps larger businesses on Shopify with their strategy and helps them figure out ways to better leverage the platform. Listen to this episode to learn more about Uyai’s journey and her role as a Merchant Success Manager.