How Sandra Okoli is Helping to Build the Ultimate Shopping Experience for Customers as a Web Engineer at ASOS

Today at the Sisters in Tech table, we welcome Sandra Okoli, a Web Engineer at ASOS.

Sandra started her journey into tech as a Digital Marketing Executive. During this time, Sandra was exposed to the world of web as managing a website was part of her role. Sandra soon became fascinated with websites, which ignited a spark in her and led her to pursue a career in Web Development. To acquire the skills needed, Sandra did General Assembly’s (GA) part-time Front-End Web Development course and then their 12-week Web Development Immersive course. She learned how to code and learned the fundamentals of programming and Web Development. A year after GA, Sandra became a Graduate Web Engineer at ASOS on their graduate scheme.

Sandra has been at ASOS ever since and currently works as a Web Engineer, working on features that most of us have probably used whilst browsing the ASOS site/app. Listen to this episode to learn more about Sandra’s journey and her work at ASOS.