How Samantha Imafidon Went from Being a Maths Wizz to Working as a Cloud Solutions Architect

Today at the Sisters in Tech table, we welcome Samantha Imafidon, a Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft.

A passion for maths at a young age led Samantha to the world of tech. Samantha took the traditional route into tech by doing a Computer Science degree. However, after doing an internship at an investment bank and experiencing coding in the workplace, Samantha knew that coding 9-5 was not for her. She still liked technology but wanted to focus more on people. Luckily, she discovered the client-facing side of tech and, after graduating, got her first job as a Technical Account Manager at Microsoft. 

Three years later, Samantha now works as a Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft. Away from her 9-5 job. Samantha describes herself as a ‘tech creative’ and uses her platform Becoming Samantha to share her journey through tech and her life learnings with those who also want to find their seat at the tech table.