How Rizel Scarlett is Empowering and Educating Engineers as a Developer Advocate at GitHub

Today at the Sisters in Tech Table, we welcome Rizel Scarlett, a Developer Advocate at GitHub, a web platform for developers.

Rizel studied computer information systems at a community college and started working as a help desk technician at HubSpot. Whilst working at HubSpot, Rizel overheard people talking about software engineering, and she soon became interested in learning how to code. 

Rizel attended a non-profit coding bootcamp called Resilient Coders, located in Boston. Once she had finished Resilient Coders, Rizel landed an internship at Formlabs, a 3D printing startup. Rizel’s internship lasted three months, and after that, she got another internship at Veson Nautical, where she ended up staying and working full time.

Rizel now works as a Developer Advocate at GitHub. Outside of her day job, Rizel is an advisor at G{Code}, a free program designed to give young women and non-binary people of colour between the ages of 18 to 25 first exposure to coding to uncover interest and aptitude in tech. Rizel’s non-traditional path into tech ignited her passion for empowering and supporting other young women and non-binary people of colour to pursue careers in tech.