How Jessica Udo is Making Impact as a Product Manager at Microsoft and on the African Startup Ecosystem

Today at the Sisters in Tech table, we welcome Jessica Udo, a Product Manager at Microsoft.

Jessica was born and raised in Nigeria but is currently based in Vancouver, Western Canada. Jessica’s interest in tech started at a young age when she used to play games on her dad’s desktop computer. She would go on to take computer studies classes in high school. She applied to University with the dream of working in Silicon Valley at companies like Microsoft and Google. Jessica started studying Software Engineering at McGill university but halfway switched to Electrical and Software Engineering. Straight after university and with the power of networking, Jessica landed her first job at Microsoft as a Program Manager.

Jessica now works as a Product Manager at Microsoft. Outside of her day job, Jessica is the Chair of the Africans at Microsoft Employee Network. She also spends time volunteering with the African Impact Initiative, an organisation dedicated to impacting the African continent through its young innovators. Listen to this episode to learn more about Jessica’s role and journey into the Tech World.