How Addy Awofisayo is Shaping the African Media Space as Head of Music for Sub-Saharan Africa at Youtube

Today at the Sisters in Tech table, we welcome Addy Awofisayo, Head of Music for Sub-Saharan Africa at Youtube.

Addy started her career in tech at Microsoft, working in Finance. However, after four years, Addy came to the realisation that Finance was not for her. Not knowing what she wanted to go on to do, Addy took a year off and spent her time working at the Clinton Foundation in Jamaica, where she supported the strengthening of the healthcare system in an HIV clinic. Whilst there, Addy discovered that she liked doing hands-on jobs, solving problems, coming up with and implementing solutions. All of these skills led Addy to Grad School, where she did a Masters in Public Policy. There still remained the issue of what career she wanted to do. At the time, one of Addy’s professors was working on an entertainment project which looked at how media influences public policy. This interested Addy, and she started working with him on an MTV Shuga. This project launched Addy into the media and entertainment space, and she hasn’t looked back! 

Addy is now responsible for championing African music at YouTube as the Head of Music for Sub-Saharan Africa. Listen to this episode to find out more about Addy’s journey and how she is elevating musicians from Sub-Saharan Africa and impacting the world.