How a Lifetime of Learning Led Fadzai Angelina Kazarema to Become an International User Acquisition Lead

Today at the Sisters in Tech table, we welcome Fadzai Angelina Kazarema, International User Acquisition Lead at Headspace.

Ange studied Advertising and Media at University. After graduating, Ange worked as a Digital Account Executive for an advertising integrated agency, and this is where Ange really got involved with tech. Whilst working at the advertising agency, Ange was introduced to Digital Advertising, where they helped with content management and developed digital ads. Working in Digital Advertising made Ange realise that they were not in their perfect role and wanted to be involved in making products for clients and problem-solving. In order to do more self-reflection, they decided to take a year off and travel to China. While there, Ange taught and did research for telecommunication companies like Nokia and Siemens in their spare time.

During their time in China, Ange created a skills-based CV, and it was through this, Ange found a path into roles such as an Optimisation Analyst at Yahoo and Paid Media Growth Marketing at PayPal. Ange now works as an International User Acquisition Lead at Headspace. In this podcast episode, Ange shares their journey and shows how they use tech to impact people’s lives through meditation and wellness.