Linda Agbontaen on Finding Balance and Innovating as a UX Consultant

Today at the Sisters in Tech table, we welcome Linda Agbontaen, a senior UX design consultant at financial services consultancy firm, Capco.

Born and raised in London, Linda’s journey into the tech industry was not a conventional one. In her final year of studying psychology in university, a module on technology in the workplace piqued her interest in how human behaviour ties in with UX design. A graduate scheme at American Express then helped her further explore this link as she took on different digital roles in the finance sector.

Now with at least seven years’ experience in the digital finance industry, Linda opens up on prepping for a tech interview, the three pillars of UX consulting, building confidence as you work and finding balance as an industry professional. She also talks about her desire to become a role model in the UX design field and her future plans to scale financial wellbeing schemes to the overall community.